About NI at Play



NI at Play was established in December 2009 by a small group of County Armagh people who had a passion for children’s outdoor play.


NI at Play is a social enterprise and registered charity set up to provide children with opportunities to engage in outdoor play.


NI at Play understand the difficulties of creating a play space for children; some children like the mess of arts and crafts, others love role play and dressing up while for some the amount of energy they expel makes them hard to keep up with. As adults and staff working with children and young people some of us love crafts and mess, others prefer running about and delivering games sessions. We can provide practical play sessions, ideas and activities to occupy all those interests.

 Why outdoor play?


Playing outdoors means the usual indoor play restrictions can be left behind – outdoor play can be; loud, messy, big, experimental, adventurous, exploratory and involve an element of risk. 


Free play will always be beneficial for a child’s social and creative development but outdoor play enhances the opportunity, for a child, to be physically active and depending on the surroundings, outdoor play can have a real positive resilience factor. This is why NI at Play has been established ‘to make outdoor play a priority for all’.

NI at Play offer on site outdoor play sessions and training for staff. We want to inspire staff/volunteers, parents and children to engage more readily with the outdoors.




NI at Play is a charity and has received funding from:

Lloyds TSB

Awards for All

Victoria Homes





                           (Sunday Life 20/11/11)


Working with a wide range of children and young people NI at Play bring the resources with them and provide an outdoor play session working directly with children and young people outdoors. Ni at Play want to encourage children to be active and have fun outdoors. One benefit of playing outside means that all the usual indoor play restrictions can be left behind - allowing play to be loud, messy, big, experimental, adventurous, exploratory and even involve an element of risk!!














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